GPS Orbital

“Wet” orbital deburring machine type GPS Orbital is featured by an orbital brush suitable for deburring, edge rounding and denibbing of sheet metal and flat surfaces subject to punching, shearing, laser and plasma cut. It has been designed to process flat parts with max width 300 mm. and thickness up to 150 mm.

This orbital deburring machine has a double adjusting system, making possible to set up brush working height and to compensate brush wear and tear. Metal sheet brushing can also be done through a “dry” process by mounting an optional dust collection hood. Many other special equipment are available on request.

D = 350 mm
700 Rpm
L = 10-300 mmH = 1-150 mmP = min.140 mm
1,5 kw
0,37 kw
0,12 kw
1-10 m/min
600 kg
H = 170 cmP = 120 cmL = 120 cm


Equipment on request

GPS Orbital 5

Air blower for workpieces drying

GPS Orbital 6

Brush head adjustable speed with inverter equipment (for module "B")

GPS Orbital 7

Dust collection cap for "dry" processing (for Module "B" and "C)

GPS Orbital 8

Front and rear holder (with n 3 rollers)

GPS Orbital 9

Table rollers (3 mt. length module)

GPS Orbital 10

Automatic loading/unloading systems

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