LT 200 Mirror

This is our planetary tube buffing machine for big size tubes, up to max diameter 219 mm.; operating through a dispenser for liquid buffing paste and by using special belts for mirror polishing, our LT 200 MIRROR enables the orbital mirror polishing of tubes with round and oval section.

This version is particularly suitable for production of large series and, by using standard abrasive belts, it is also suitable for tube grinding as well as surface preparation for further buffing process.

D = 20-219 mm(8,6" max)
S = 2000 mmL = 120 mm
Disc = 2,2 kw
Belts = 11 kw
2 x 0,25 kw
1-20 m/min
730 kg
H = 145 cmP = 180 cmL = 105 cm

Equipment on request

LT 200 Mirror 5

AN/A equipment for automatic opening and close of the abrasive belts through photoeye and PLC

LT 200 Mirror 6

Powered for back feed rollers

LT 200 Mirror 7

Inverter device for abrasive belts speed adjustment

LT 200 Mirror 8

Rollers table with adjustable height

LT 200 Mirror 9

Touch-Screen controls panel for working cycles programming, feed rate adjustment

LT 200 Mirror 10

Hoisting platform for machine centerheight adjustment

LT 200 Mirror 11

Automatic loading/unloading systems

LT 200 Mirror 12

Step-by-step loader for round and oval tubes

LT 200 Mirror 13

Loader type CM

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