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LMT Line

To better meet growing innovation and automation requirements, we developed and implemented our pipe polishing lines with a new packaging system.

Latest technology electronic components (PLC Siemens) together with software flexibility, allows to optimize and create multiple programs that can be used when required.

High precision and setting speed of our software allows automatic set-up of working heights, according to workpieces diameter (from 5 up to 219 mm), feed speed (up to 50 m/min) and abrasive belts speed, in order to achieve required quality/finishing degree.

Multi-head version, together with automatic dispenser for liquid abrasive paste, allows full automatic process up to mirror polishing.

Automatic loading/unloading system grant the possibility to “join” incoming workpieces (“end-to-end” working process) and detach outgoing parts, through a “step-by-step” unloading system.

Particular attention is given to different packing solutions, including single tube, tube bundles or through automatic counter of packed workpieces.

All our production lines are developed for non-stop working process (even 24/7), by granting same finishing quality.

If you are interested in more detailed technical information, HERE you can find the in-depth technical data sheet.

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