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Machine suitable for PERPENDICULAR AND ANGLE DRILLING on round tubes, rectangular profiles, square tubes and metal plates with different sizes and made of various materials such as iron, stainless steel, brass, aluminium and titanium.
Machine is MODULAR and can be supplied with single or double drilling unit.

Boring unit (Pic. 1) s very sturdy and shifts on lubrified hardened steel slide guides. Spindle (Pic. 2), with diameter 90 mm. has a ISO 40 chuck, suitable for drill bits from 5 to 50 mm.. Feed of the boring unit is made by recirculating screw ball with brushless motor.
Drill motor speed is adjustable by inverter equipment.

Tilting table (Pic. 3), n which the boring unit are fixed, can turn by +/- 40° / 90° in order to obtain perpendicular or inclined holes.

La “Minimal” cooling/lubrication (Pic. 4) of the drill bit is made by a pump nebulizing air and oil in programmed quantities and timings.

Clamping device for workpieces (Pic. 5) is SELFCENTERING and has a clamping range from 10 to 100 mm..

On touch screen controls panel (Pic. 6), is possible to program drilling parameters and working cycle in a very simple and intuitive way.

Workpiece holder and feeder (has a standard length of 3 mt., a selfcentering locking spindle with 4 jaws (Pic 8) for round, square and rectangular tubes locking and is capable to turn 360º for making holes in every position. Workpiece feed is made by a master-rack device with programmable decimal reading system (Pic 8). A programmable mechanic stops system allows to manage multiple borings.

Workpiece feed is made by a master-rack device, that can be MANUAL with length reading system and programmable mechanic stops system or AUTOMATIC for multiple borings.

ON REQUEST, machine can be equipped for THREADING and “FLOW DRILL” operations.

technical features
D = 10/100 mm (4 inches max.)
L = 100x100 mm
D = 5/50 mm
300 - 1500 rpm
M1 = 2,5 kW
D = 10/100 mm
(4" max.)
L = 100x100 mm
D = 5/50 mm
300 - 1500 rpm
M1 = 2,5 kW
M2 = 2,2 kW
+/- 40°÷ 90°
390 Kg
H = 170 cm P = 370 cm L = 130 cm
M2 = 2,2 kW
+/- 40°÷ 90°
390 Kg
H = 170 cm
P = 370 cm
L = 130 cm
  example of workable items  
  examples of workable items  
standard equipment
Fig.1 - Boring unit   Fig.2 - Spindle with
ISO 40 chuck
  Fig.3 - Tilting table
+/- 40° - 90°
Fig.4 - Device for Minimal lubrication Fig.5 - Clamping SELFCENTERING device for workpieces Fig.6 - Touch screen controls panel Fig.7 - Workpiece holder and feeder Fig.8 - Spindle
four jaws
- Programmable decimal reading system
equipment on request
Fig.9 - Double drilling unit  
Fig.10Fig.10 electro-mechanical / software pre-arrangements for second unit retrofitting
Fig.9 - Double drilling unit        
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