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Stroke belt grinder with sturdy cast iron structure, suitable for grinding, buffing and finishing operation on big pieces with square, rectangular section, plates or profiled metal items with different sizes and metal boxes or structures.
Machine is equipped with a table which can be electrically adjusted in height (for pieces max. weight Kg. 180). Standard version is suitable to process items with max. lenght 2500 mm. ON REQUEST a.m. machine can process items until 6000 mm. lenght; moreover it can be equipped with double abrasive belt speed (9-18 mt./sec.) or with inverter equipment to adjust speed from 10 to 25 mt./sec.

technical features
P=2500mm - L=1000mm - H=680mm
S=7500mm - L=150mm
V=18 m/s
4,0 kw - 0,4 kw - 0,6 kw
600 kg
158x150x415 cm
P=2500 mm
L=1000 mm
H=680 mm
S=7500 mm
L=150 mm
V= 18 m/s
4,0 kw       0,4 kw       0,6 kw
600 kg
H=158 cm
P=150 cm
L=415 cm
  example of workable items  
  workable elements  
standard equipment
Flat contact pad        
Flat contact pad (standard)        
equipment on request
Special contact roller   Fluorescent tube light
Special contact roller (optional)   Fluorescent tube light (optional)
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